Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Come On, Daddy, You Can Get This!

Lil' Maa-Maa loves nuts of all kinds. So, when CPod had a snack of almonds a couple of days ago, he asked Lil' Maa if he wanted some. Lil' Maa comes into the kitchen, and Craig hands him some almonds. And the conversation proceeds as follows:

"Here are your almonds, Lil' Maa."


"No, almonds."


"No, Maa, almonds."

At this point, Lil' Maa-Maa looks intently at his daddy. I think if he knew how to, he would have said, "Read my lips!" Instead he just said, "Peeeaaaa - nuttttssss!" and looked expectantly at CPod, as if waiting for him to finally get it right. Just like we look at him when we're teaching him a new word.

And I collapsed into a heap of ill-concealed giggles on the kitchen floor.

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