Friday, October 31, 2008

Well, what else would you wear if you just wanted to be comfortable all the time?

Two nights ago, the big boys got to wear new jammies. They were excited because these new jammies are just like Lil' Maa-Maa's -- one piece zipper jobs with grippy feet, soft, warm, fleecy, and comfortable. Now, maybe almost-4 years old is a bit old for blanket sleepers, but they're still making them so I must not be the only person buying them. I like the idea of my little ones being toasty warm in their beds when the wind is blowing cold outside, even if they kick all the covers off in the middle of the night.

G-Dog and ConMan raved about these sleepers. ConMan informed us he was going to tell all his friends at preschool the next day about his jammies with feet in them. G-Dog thought it was really cool that his jammies had a zipper. I mean, really, it was like Christmas morning, as excited as they were.

Fastforward 18 hours. We came home from preschool yesterday, and G-Dog disappeared back into their bedroom. I was fixing lunch and didn't think anything of it. All of a sudden, he's there, right next to me, completely naked except for little skivvies, holding his blanket sleeper. "I just wanted to get comfortable, Mommy."

They have now decided that blanket sleepers are the absolute best choice to wear underneath Halloween costumes. Hey, I think they're right -- one-piece long underwear with feet? If I weren't absolutely convinced that such attire would hug my butt and accentuate the old saddle bags a little too much, I might be tempted to seek one out in my size!


  1. I have seriously considered looking for some in my size as well, especially considering the fact that my husband loves to sleep with our windows open in our room!!!

    Are you ready for your talk tomorrow? I'm so excited to hear it!! You'll do great.

  2. Thanks . . . but I'm still not ready! I have a problem with focusing on one thing before all the other distracting things are taken care of, like laundry and dishes, which, conveniently, never seem to end. I guess they call that procrastination. Say a little prayer!

  3. All my girls still wear them!!We love them!!

  4. If you find some in your size, make sure and invite me over for a slumber party.


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