Saturday, February 28, 2009

You think that was random? You should try this one.

Sorry about the bloggy break, KristinaP. It's nice to know I was missed . . . I was sick for four days, and then had to spend all available waking hours recovering from my family housekeeping department absence. Please don't be too disappointed with this post, because it's nothing special!

First off, I must say that I have outdone myself, so let's get the bragging out of the way. Some of you may remember my Birthday Cake Evolution post. For the twins' birthday, I made them each their own cake, and they were very specific about what they wanted. ConMan wanted "a rockin' kitar" and G-Dog wanted a volcano. Here is what we ended up with:

Here is where I would insert pictures of the actual twins from said birthday celebration, but the only picture I have in which, A. all parties are looking at the camera and B. all parties have their eyes open, is one of me, G-Dog and Sam, one of MommyJ's twins.

For their birthday, we got them Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii. We are in love with this game. For a girl who grew up playing the original Nintendo, Mario has come a long way, baby. It has become our new playtime activity to all work on conquering a level together -- I have been truly impressed by the creativity and applicability of the solutions posited by such video game novices.

And, because I can, and because it makes my heart glad to think that maybe my kids have inherited even a little bit of my musical ability, here is my budding virtuoso:

And some of you will know why this is funny. The rest of you will not. Sorry.

I don't usually post early in the morning, because, let's be honest, I'm never awake. And if I am awake, I'm on the treadmill. Or cleaning up throw-up. I would call those two things equally fun reasons to be out of bed at 6 AM. This morning, G-Dog woke up to use the bathroom at 5 AM. I heard CPod get up, and then I, of course, rolled over and went back to sleep. 15 minutes later, I woke up to an empty spot next to me in bed. I wandered around the house until I found CPod in the garage wearing his Carrhart overalls (did you know you can get overalls in supertall sizes? If I didn't think he'd kill me, I'd publish a photo, because it is seriously something to behold.) working on his new Jeep. New, as in 1998 and a piece of crap. But I digress.

So he couldn't sleep. And I couldn't either. Back upstairs, I noticed a weird flashing light on the wall, and when I discovered it was my netbook (the coolest thing I never knew I needed, but totally did), I could not resist the siren call of internet-based positive reinforcement so here I am, and have been, for the past hour.

As I lay here in my bed, the silence is randomly punctuated by the Tim Allen voice of ConMan's Buzz Lightyear toy, which must be in bed with him, saying, "To infinity. And beyond!" ConMan will be up shortly . . . he's our early riser, and the talking toy won't help matters.

After I published the last random post, MommyJ told me I must have really been on one when I wrote it. What? I said. The title, she said. It was a little over the top. I was incredulous. Didn't you get the allusion? I said. Nooooo . . . what are you talking about? I thought it was pretty clear, but maybe it wasn't. Ten points to anyone who got the early 1990s Saturday Night Live reference. Speaking of SNL . . .

Here is a brief list of things that I don't feel guilty about, but probably should:

1. I frequently use all the hot water. All of it. Do you remember that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer does everything in the shower? That would be me, if I could get away with it. It is one of the singular pleasures of my life to bathe in hot water -- steaming, scalding, invigorating, relaxing hot water. I am definitely a 21st century girl.

2. That first sip of ice cold Coca-Cola. Enough said.

3. American Idol. Not even a little bit.

4. Saturday Night Live. I can't believe MommyJ didn't get the reference. I mean, she was the one who would sneak back downstairs after everyone else was sleeping to watch it with me when we were growing up.

5. Occasional colorful language. I limit myself to epithets that are not considered to be profanity in Australia. CPod served his mission in Sydney, and on his first Sunday, he was seriously disturbed to hear the EQ President say, from the pulpit, "What the hell is up with home teaching?"

So we're off to a family service project today in South Carolina . . . CPod is in the shower, and I'm now sharing my bed with the other members of the Red Headed League. (Another allusion . . . not television. Maybe I'm not as good at this as I thought.) I'll report later!


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  2. Those cakes look awesome! And I didn't get the SNL reference either. :(

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Love the cakes, they look great (and yummy too). Speaking of volcano's, at our wedding we had a dessert call volcano cake, it was a cake with fruit, ice cream and meringue and there was a flame on top, they were awesome! Sorry I just had to brag about that for a moment :D

    Randomness is a good thing --- like to read a little bit about everything.

    I could totally relate with the talking toy, the difference would be my husband would get up and get it out of our son's bed so he could go back to sleep. (Interesting fact is he didn't wake up when our baby cried a lot at night but yet a talking toy prevents him from sleeping, ha!)

    I'm hiding in the bathroom right now so I can have a moment of peace and I can read my fav. blogs!

    And here was my random comment.

  4. I get ten points. Totally caught the 1990's SNL reference. Yep, I'm THAT hip.

    My idea of the celestial kingdom includes hot baths where you never get pruny and your hair doesn't go limp. I often take an entire evening's worth of activities with me to the tub: Couple books, ice cream (eat it quick), chips, diet Coke, my phone in case I get so fat I have to call Dial-a-Crane to extract me from the bath...


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