Saturday, March 14, 2009

Just gross.

A few days ago, G-Dog called me into the bathroom to . . . okay, I'll say it. Wipe his bum after he used the potty. As I walked into the bathroom, I caught him wiping his own bum . . . on the rug in front of the bathtub. I screamed in horror, and recoiled in absolute disgust, immediately grabbing him and finishing the job he had started.

He laughed and laughed, and laughed some more. I, of course, had a long, one-sided conversation about gross things, and he just kept laughing.

Later that night, when CPod came home from work, G-Dog made sure to tell him what he had done. He was, after all, proud of his handiwork. And, I suspect, absolutely pleased with the helluva reaction he got out of me.

"Daddy, isn't that funny? I wiped my bum on the rug!"

CPod didn't disappoint him, either. "No, G-Dog, that's really gross!"

G-Dog was ready for him. "But Daddy, gross is funny!"

Profound, isn't he?

And here is a picture of something gross that I'm 100% certain is NOT funny:

I dropped a glass bottle of delicious Italian soda, and it pooled under my refrigerator. I pulled off the front, and tried to clean it up. I couldn't believe how dirty it was under there. What you're seeing here is 7 years of dust. I asked CPod to pull out the refrigerator and help me clean it up. We stared at a few minutes, tried to clean it up for a second or two, and CPod finally went downstairs to get a putty knife. I am shuddering right now just thinking of the bug possibilities.

And another picture, just because I love it:


  1. I so thought you were going to post a picture of the rug. Blech.

  2. I can never believe how awful the floor is under appliances. I try not to look!

    And are you really asleep in that darling picture? Because if you are, I am SO jealous. I sleep only in my bed, not touching anybody.

  3. so cute and so gross.
    I should do some cleaning.

  4. okay. that picture was totally disgusting.

    Not the one of all the kids sleeping... I think someone in that picture is sleeping, but I don't think everyone is sleeping. Because how the heck would that ever happen?

  5. So you liked the aranciata?

  6. LOLOL! You look like me... all curled up on the couch with loads of chidlren on top.

    And uh, yeah, that was gross.

    Gotta love BOYS!

  7. wheeeeeewwwwww! SO glad I'm not the only one with nasty boys! Or a nasty underfridge.

  8. that's why I don't look under it :)

    Funny how all of you (except one) sleep with a semi-smile on your face!
    Very cute picture though.

  9. I totally laughed out loud. And my four-year-old asked why. But I didn't tell him, because then he might get some ideas. YOU know.

    I just love it when we have company and my son yells from the bathroom - "Moooooooooooom! Come wipe my poop!"


  10. That is so gross. And a little funny. But only from an outsider who did not have to witness or help clean up the mess. (And I would never admit to G-dog that it was funny.)

    You didn't even have to tell me what that fir picture was. I pulled my refrigerator out a couple of weeks ago to find the same nasty surprise. Mine looked at least that bad and it was only a 4 year old mess.

    I love, love the picture of you and your boys!

  11. first picture. not fir picture.

  12. this is excellent. real and raw, and reality. and so cute...thanks for sharing. hugs.

  13. Well aren't THEY all a bunch of cynical commenters. If you say you're all sleeping, then you're all sleeping. End of discussion.

    I knew before you ID'd it that we were looking under your fridge. And either you had cleaned up a whole lot of it first, or your family is extra tidy. As the underside of major appliances go, it's not bad!

    You realize it's TOTALLY C-pod's fault your kids think gross is funny. MEN!

  14. GROSS is right! Any wiping of bums anywhere but(t) on toilet paper is not funny. I have a friends whose little boy enjoys poop art and play. I pray I never get a child who enjoys poop fun. I will also pray for you...It sounds like you may need it :)

  15. My sons are never that gross.

    I LOVE that picture. It looks like MommyJ on the couch too. I've never looked at you two and thought the sisterly resemblance was all that notable, but I see it there!


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