Friday, April 10, 2009

Information Overload

I must confess: I love SiteMeter. I love the map of the world with little points of people, all connected by one thing: they clicked on my blog. I love thinking about all the different backgrounds of all the different people from all over the world (if I'm being supremely optimistic and selective in my map-viewing) who all, somehow, end up on this site.

Imagine how excited I was when I discovered that people can actually reach this tiny little blog by searching for random things on the internet! I am immensely intrigued by this. What are people thinking about? What are they interested in? What things do people search for, and then stumble upon my blog?

And then I was a little dismayed, nay, flabbergasted at the things people search for . . . and then find my site.

For a tamer example, I get a fair number of hits from people searching for "crazy things to do at Disney World" or other things of that nature. And they get sent to this post about our recent experiences at the Happiest Place on Earth.

I also get frequent hits from those searching for "who invented the port-a-potty". I kid you not. They get sent to this post about . . . an experience in a portable toilet. And as a public service to all those who thirst for such information (and apparently there are more of you than I ever imagined), I did a little research: the portable toilet was not invented so much as it evolved in Long Beach, California's shipping yards. Shipbuilders had to traipse all the way back to the dock to use the facilities, and one of them designed a portable toilet they could temporarily place on the deck of the ship under construction, thus increasing productivity of the workers who no longer had to take so much time to go visit the potty. You're welcome.

I also get a lot of hits on this post, and mostly, they are because of image searches . . . I guess because of the embryo picture? You have to admit, it is pretty cool.

But the worst one of all I just discovered the other day. Some poor soul -- I don't know if it was a desperate mother or an 8-year-old who just discovered Google Search on the internet -- searched for, "farts, burps, snot, boogers". And guess where they ended up? Yep. Right here, my friends. You are in elite company. Turns out, I wrote this post a while back about being a mother of boys. And I wrote those four words in one sentence. Of course, I also added in "poop" and "hurl". Because apparently, I am even more disgusting that the strange person who conducted the search in the first place.

Long live SiteMeter! How else would I know how I fit into the strange world of bizarre internet searches? And people think they're anonymous . . .


  1. I use Statcounter, and I get all sorts of weird searches, but I never think to write them down!

  2. Kristina P., I cannot even BEGIN to imagine the kinds of searches you get on your blog!

  3. I use statcounter too, but I set up my blog to not be searchable in google. Which is sometimes a bummer--Cindy Lynn had someone get to her blog by searching "Cynthia Ray murder"!!

  4. Google "prozac" and my blog comes up. I believe that says it all...

    How are you feeling, my dear? We're seeing more of you here, which hopefully means you're seeing less of the porcelain pond.

  5. See that little yellow dot in the Midwest? That's me!

  6. People in search of crusty eyelids always get me!

    Is that a compliment? ...

  7. I love the random google searches. I wish I'd written down some of my favorites... I think I've posted about some of them. But I don't think any are as funny as poop snot boogers farts... did I miss one?

  8. Okay, so my comment has nothing to do with this blog. It has to do with your comment on your sister's. Can I just say I love you! You are so wonderful, and wise. I love to hear what you have to say. I am in that weird transitional phase, from infertility to fertility and with no idea what will happen thereafter, and lots of big hopes.

    Wow, this life is a challenge. But in a talk on Sunday someone was talking about their fathers issues with depression and that it took him 60 years to feel truly that God loved him. I was like 60 years? 7 felt like an eternity to me. YOur right that we need to not make the comparisons. Now I just really need to learn to put that in practice.

    Love ya! miss ya and I really hope you are feeling a little better. I am sorry and understand the sickness!-- just not with three little munchkins needing their mommy! I hope you are surviving!

  9. I used to have the same kind of fun with my sitemeter. My favorite search phrase to date is: "My sissy husband wears nappies". I have no idea which post it took them to, or why it even brought up my post. But then I fixed it so my site doesn't come up on google searches, so I don't have that kind of fun anymore.
    Now I just check my sitemeter every couple of weeks or so to make sure pervs aren't coming to my blog. Remember? My blog's impervious. :)

  10. Well, as a new reader of your blog, it is pretty funny! I linked over from Mommy Snark - she talks about you so much I thought I'd take a peak.

    Thanks for the giggles today!


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