Monday, June 29, 2009


My dad has been trying for years now to perfect his recipe for bubbles. We think he's finally got it down:

If you look closely, you can see reflections of people and trees in the bubbles. It's a little tough to see, but it's there, I promise. We're considering using a hula hoop dipped in a kiddie pool full of bubble solution to encase our children in individual bubbles. Wow, do the kids ever love it. My mom calls herself the "PopPop indicator" because as soon as the grandchildren (except for Lucy, who LOVES Grandma) see her, they get excited because they know PopPop won't be far. The bubbles are one of the many reasons why.

My Mom and I serve together in the Stake Relief Society presidency here in our corner of the world. We are in the midst of planning a huge 12-stake women's conference that we will host here in our area. We're talking 1200 sisters (I know, Utah people -- that doesn't seem like much, but many of those 1200 will have to drive 4 or 5 hours to get here!), plus a cadre of men who have also been invited to a training session for Relief Society leadership and stewardship. We've been mulling over what to do with the men after the training session is over. It is, after all, a women's conference, and we don't have enough room to accomodate the extra bodies.

"Don't worry," my dad said, just passing through on his way to the refrigerator. "I'll just take them all out to the parking lot and do bubbles."


  1. That conference sounds amazing! And like a lot of work. Good luck!

  2. So can we wrangle that bubble recipe away from your Dad? I'd love a great one!

  3. Oh Wow! I think your mom and ya'll in the presidency shouldn't have been so good at women's conferences in the past! What a job 12 stakes???, but if there is anyone that can do it- you guys will, and I am sure it will be an event to remember. I was never sad I went to women's conference in NC they were ALL wonderful!

  4. Love your dad ... that's the attitude to have in life!

    My child would pass out by seeing such a large bubble ... he gets excited with the tiny ones we blow at home :)

  5. OK, I seriously love your dad. And you could have mini-classes for the guys on subjects like "Locating the Hamper Without GPS", "Belching and Other Feats That Can Be Performed Silently", and "Asking Directions: The World Before Mapquest".

    Also, why not give my friend Missy DelGado a call and hire her Rockabilly band "Sweet Potato Pie" to come and perform? They're fabulous, and live right there in your neck of the woods.

    Oh, and I'll come and speak. Just fly me out and buy me dinner and put me up in a fancy shmancy hotel and tell me I have to leave my kids home!! It's a plan with merit, InkMom, MERIT!

    I'm telling you, I have your conference all worked out. You are SO welcome.

  6. I want to speak at your conference too, and bunk with DeNae. :)

    Are you inviting the Charlotte Stakes?? Wish I could come. I miss my Charlotte sisters.

  7. Are you inviting the Chattanooga stake? I so think you should!!!! We're only 3 1/2 hours away!! Please oh please!! If not, I think I'll come anyways. :)

    Is the bubble recipe a family secret?

  8. Uh, yeah, I'll go on your speaker roster and pull up a cot in DeNae and Stephanie's room.

    I think if your dad did bubbles and they gave them all Hot Wheels cars to play with, they'd be fine.

    Pop Pop indicator is funny.

  9. Wow! These are fabulous! Can your dad come over to OUR house?


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