Monday, October 5, 2009

A few little pieces of delightfulness

I saw my OB today. Good news: the baby vault it locked up tighter than Fort Knox. I know, you're all scratching your collective heads. You mean she's 36 weeks along and she doesn't want to be getting ever-closer to finally having this baby?

Au contraire, my friends. But I don't want to drop this baby in some random hospital in downtown Atlanta. And because going into labor is not something the women of our family do well (or, at all, if history is any indicator), I have been cleared for travel. Which means . . . tomorrow night, CPod and I will be rockin' out at the Georgia Dome to first, Muse (bonus!) and second, U2. Go ahead, be jealous. If I weren't going myself, I would be green with envy.

Now, just say a prayer for MommyJ's husband, Josh, who has been feeling poorly as of late. I will dispose of their tickets if I must, but it would make me much happier to be able to share the experience with them.


We had a superb experience this weekend watching General Conference on BYU-TV via our DirecTV dish. I used to love conference weekend. Until about 3 years ago when suddenly our twins were mobile and chasing/caring for them precluded first, any listening, and second, any retention. This weekend, a miracle happened: they listened. They played quietly. They worked on their conference packets, coloring and doing mazes and decorating ties. They yelled out "Joseph Smith!" or "Temple!" in stentorian tones to earn treats when they heard one of the speakers refer to an image we posted to prompt their attention. (Perhaps it was not the best of ideas to add a picture of our Savior to the other ones from the Gospel Art Kit we posted on the doors to the tv cabinet . . . their references to Him were, ahem, not exactly reverent.)

And my love for General Conference weekend is back. With a vengeance. My sincere thanks to Steph at Diapers and Divinity for her inspiration and ideas about enjoying conference with small children -- she knows her stuff, that Stephanie!


ConMan & GDog both had a great week at school, and as a reward for their good behavior, CPod took them camping. (Lest you think we reward our children every single week -- this was in response to some poor choices perpetrated by one of our twins who shall remain nameless, and needed some further motivation to learn some healthy respect for the rules at school.) MayDay went, too. I went out to dinner with a friend (and ordered mushroom pizza drizzled with truffle oil . . . truffles always make me feel bought, because you could put truffles on dirt and the dirt would taste better than anything else you have ever eaten in your whole entire life) then came home, watched shows my husband doesn't enjoy, and then went to bed. By myself. In a completely, eerily silent house.

And I slept until 11AM on Saturday morning. I really didn't think I had it in me to sleep that late, but sleep I did, and, wow! I had forgotten what it feels like to get enough.

The menfolk arrived home just before noon, so we scrubbed all the dirty children and then fed them lunch while we listened to the first glorious session of General Conference.

Here's my secret: as nice as it was to sleep in and not be awakened by turbo-charged, energetic preschoolers, I missed them. A lot.


Sometimes, I think ConMan just lives in his own little happy universe. He is frequently oblivious to the world around him, and, when he's in one of his little reveries, moves at his own pace and cannot be rushed. Saturday, it took him twice as long to finish his lunch as it did his brothers. They had been playing legos for 15 minutes while he was still sitting at the table extemporizing conversations between his Cheez-it crackers.

As I cleared the counter of crumbs left over from making PB&J for all the little ones, I listened to Elder Bednar's talk about expressing love to your family members. Suddenly, ConMan stood up in his chair, turned around and said, "Mommy, I love you!"

He smiled, then said it again. "I was listening, and I love you, Mommy!"

I nearly cried. I was so happy not just that he was paying attention, at least a little, to the words of our apostles, but that he had enough practice saying it in the first place that he was comfortable expressing his love for me so spontaneously. He can say it, because he hears it. And because he says it back. And because he knows it.

Sigh. Sometimes, I do something right after all.


  1. I love all of this (especially where you say nice things about me), but my favorite is your sweet story about "Mommy, I love you." Seriously, how cool is it to see a child listen to the gospel and immediately obey? That's awesome.

  2. Oh what a nice weekend! There are benefits to having a house full of boys... And I am jealous of your concert experience. You know we should really all plan ahead and pick a CE to go to together--the whole Memphis gang. Maybe in five years or so... Congrats on a great conference.

  3. I watched Elder Bednar's talk a couple of times. (Thank you, DVR!) That was one where my husband and I also said, "Well, we don't do everything right, but we've got this one dialed."

    Our big kids, including our 22 year old son, still say "I love you" to us, and to each other. And we say it to them.

    My dad and I had a complicated relationship, and I will be eternally grateful that the last thing we said to each other before he died last month was "I love you."

    BTW, I am COMPLETELY jealous of your trip to the concert! Have a wonderful time! And no babies!

  4. The last was most definitely the best. Although U2 comes in a close second.

  5. I just teared up! What a sweatheart! Gotta go, I've got a crying baby!

  6. We really liked his and Elder Holland's talk on Sunday. The fury of God my friend.

  7. Let me just say, I saw U2 on Saturday in Raleigh. AMAZING! Muse was incredible as well. I loved every second of the show. I won't ruin it by doing a play by play, but it was worth every cent. Enjoy yourself!

    Dvr'd Sat sessions, but Sun conference was still a disaster for us...what are we doing wrong? Going to take a peek at that link......

  8. All of those great experiences, brought to you by your kidos, is because of their great spiritual teacher... their momma (and daddy too). Keep up the great work!!

    P.S. My coworker is also going to the U2 concert, so I am doubly green with envy! :-)

  9. I'm so jealous of your sleep in. Wow!
    And I too need to check out the link. We took turns going to the church, which was nice. But better if we can teach the kids to sit and listen.
    Enjoy the concert.

  10. I wonder if Karlee has the same workbook the twins have. She did really well too. In fact, Mom and Dad said there was NO WAY the twins would be sitting and listening and working on their workbooks like her. (When I suggested that we should get everyone together for conference once a year like our parents did when we were growing up.) Good to hear that it went well. So how much of their good behavior came from the workbooks, and how much came from a likely exhausting camping trip. I guess it really doesn't matter, does it? By the way, that was a great description of ConMan's "reveries". Have fun at the concert.

  11. I am so glad you had a great weekend! Sleeping in is heavenly...Conference was wonderful-we loved the Elder Bednar talk too (along with all the others! the whole conference was so wonderful)! And from what I can tell you do things right all the time. You are awesome! My sister wondered to your blog from mine and said you were her hero. Between raising sweet boys, your musical and writing talents, and just being an overall amazing person I agree! Thanks for sharing your life adventures with us. I can't wait to hear about the concert! And yes I admit it I am totally jealous-but soooo happy you are able to go! I hope MommyJ and her hubby are able to go with you. Just tell MommyJ to keep her shoes on this time...I am remembering the Cold Play pic's of her bare feet on that germy floor... :)

  12. I love those moments. Those, wow...I'm doing something right moments. How much more precious they are when you realize it's not just something you're doing right, but something oh so important and life shaping such as teaching your children to love and express that love. That really strikes a chord with me, because I hold on to that thought oh so tightly on the bad days.

  13. I so love that you're going to U2 36 weeks pregnant!

    And that sweet story about Elder Bednar's talk...Mommy I love you. I was listening, Mommy I love you...Priceless!

  14. Sigh of contentment!!! What a sweet conference moment!!

    Enjoy !U2

  15. What a beautiful post. I love those "I'm doing it right" moments too because they seem to come so rarely.

    I need to go listen to that talk. I missed all of Saturday, which I regret. I love conference and only feel half full.

  16. Awh... that last story. That would NEVER happen at our house.
    Seriously, NEVER.
    Ok, hate me -- but I don't know if I remember you.
    PUHLEEEZE email me your bread recipe, I'm just trying all the ones I know before I find one I like. :D


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