Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Heart of Rock'N Roll Is Still Beating

I'll try to keep this brief. I know most of you don't really care about this stuff.


It. Was. Awesome.

And I didn't bring my camera. Molly that I am, when Ticketmaster told me no cameras were allowed, I took them at their word. No matter that EVERY OTHER PERSON in the entire building (all 70,000 of them), except, of course, for MommyJ, Josh, or CPod, brought a camera. We had to make do with sub-par camera phones. And those pictures are not even worth putting on here. So. I have no proof. Only memories.

While U2 was fantastic, the awesomeness did not begin with them.

It began with these guys:

That's right, folks. Muse opened for U2. This was a huge bonus, since opening bands for the Atlanta concert were not announced until a few months ago -- long after we bought our tickets.

Now. The last time we saw U2, Gavin Rossdale's short-lived venture Institute opened. We were not impressed -- more like disappointed since both CPod and I had been fans of Bush for a while. Let's just say the difference between studio recording and live performance was . . . significant.

Not so with Muse. They were absolutely spot on in a live venue. Go see them! It was a fantastic performance.

Enter U2. Talk about huge. Take a look at this:

I have never seen a concert set like this before. Between bands, we watched all the tech people take their places on the set. I'm talking dozens of follow spots, camera operators, and guitar wranglers, many of them perched precariously on tiny chairs high above the audience, harnessed to the giant claw of a stage.

It was a spectacle, worthy of the price of the tickets, and impressive in it's sheer size and scope: excessive, larger than life, grandiose, self-indulgent, and absolutely one of the most fun experiences I have ever had in my life.

They played, and played, and played some more. Inexhaustible. They changed up their set list enough to keep us guessing even though we (read: CPod) are total nerds and thought we knew what would come next. We heard old stuff, and new stuff, and rare stuff (Stuck in a Moment, acoustic version, thank you very much!) and the greatest stuff. Can I say it again? It was awesome.

And I have some notes.

The Edge -- you are amazing. You are a quiet, bald Irish dude and in ordinary, every day conversation, people refer to you by the coolest nickname anyone has ever had. But man, you can play yourself some guitar. I am never disappointed by what I hear emanating from whichever of your dozens of instruments you have picked up. In fact, I have decided that you may actually be the biggest reason I love U2 so much. Some part of me responds to the iconic strains of The Edge playing his guitar, and I will never stop loving it.

Larry Mullen, Jr. -- oh, my. The arms. Drummers should NEVER wear long sleeves.

Adam Clayton -- I think they must keep you around because you're a pretty cool guy. At least, that's how you look on stage: unruffled by all those people, just playing your bass as though you're the only person in the room.

Bono -- I'll be honest: sometimes I listen to U2 in spite of you. Love the lyrics, and you're quite the showman, that's for sure. But I think the ego required to do what you do on stage must make you a pretty difficult person to live with the rest of the time. Bless your wife and family!

So, if you're jealous, and you should be, then you should watch the live video stream from the Rose Bowl concert on October 25. It will be awesome, and as Motherboard said, you can wear your pajamas. I'm all about the pajamas these days -- they're the only clothes I have left that fit me! You MUST see the set to believe it. It's amazing. Here's the preview:

I'll be watching!


  1. Sadly, I would pay $95 to see Britney Spears, but not U2. I should kill myself now.

  2. I'm a fan-ette of U2. Don't know them as well as I should, but am determined to learn. Sort of like the Old Testament.

    Glad you had fun!!

  3. I've totally been waiting for this report! Glad it was as awesome as hoped for! (Your baby will be born a U2 fan! I'm sure he/she was rocking out in there too.)

  4. I care!!! I care!!! I was dying to know how it went. Thanks for the full report and yes totally jealous!! :)

    Next time they tell you no cameras allowed, remember this concert!

  5. Um, yes. Jealous sums it up nicely.

  6. Have to admit.. as much as I think Bono is amazing. I really think The Edge, and Larry are the true talent of the band. I swore back in the late 80s Larry and I would marry. That obviously never happened, how ever.. Heavenly Father has blessed me with a drum playing husband, and I'm going to leave your imagination at that!!
    Lucky you.. you saw U2!!!

  7. We saw U2 in concert last night here in Vegas. That stage was one amazing monster. Funny that we saw them in the same week an entire country apart.

  8. We saw their Raleigh show, and I will have to say, it was the best concert I have ever been to! Your description was spot on! I think your unborn child will probably love U2 as well...I bet she took in a great show also, ha ha! I had listened to some Muse before the show, but honestly, they blew me away in concert. Perfect opening band!!

  9. Glad you were all able to go and no sickness or baby's stopped the fun.
    great report.

  10. I'm just a tinge jealous. I am so glad you had so much fun!

    I was kind of ticked about the no camera thing at Duran Duran (which is NOT near as great as seeing U2, I'm sure), too. Everyone had their cameras except me!


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