Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

I'm breaking you back in slowly, my friends. It's been so long since I've posted anything on a regular basis that I've got to remind myself a little what this here blog thingy is all about. Without further ado, a list of random crap:

1. You should really be careful about how you pronounce the word "pianist." Do I need to explain why? Last Sunday, as our esteemed Stake President announced from the pulpit that a new person had been called as the stake Priesthood pianist, I had a premonition of what was about to happen as little ConMan turned to me and said, loudly, "Hey! That guy said (insert the word you're all hoping he didn't say)!" Well, at least now I know he was listening. Some of you early InkMom adopters will remember this is not the first time ConMan has spoken of verboten body parts during church. But really. pee-ann-ist. Three syllables. PLEASE!

2. I've been reveling in the soundtrack to Glee. I love it. My kids love it. I think I'm raising a bunch of musical theater nerds, and I'm totally okay with that. I turned it on this week and when the boys heard it for the first time, it's like their feet started dancing of their own accord. GDog's eyes got big, and ConMan made me play their version of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" over and over again. But guess which one GDog decided to sing in public the other day? "I'll bust the windows out your car." Yeah.

They may be monsters, but at least they're cute . . .

. . . and creative with their vast powers of destruction. (Dresser drawers as beds? No, my children have not been watching Seinfeld, thank you very much.)

3. One thing I'm thankful for right now: hot water. I think God gave us natural hot springs so that we would be inspired to want to bathe warmly. I say a little prayer of thanks every single time I step under the scalding stream of my shower, and another one each time I slip into the relaxing, eucalyptus and peppemint scented waters of my tub. (Origins Peace of Mind Vapor Bath, in case you're wondering. It's awesome.)

4. Chocolate is NOT all created equal. Please don't hate me for hating Hershey's Kisses. Chocolate should not be grainy like that. Chocolate should be smooth and intense and complex. It should make you swoon. My preferred delivery methods form a triad: liquid, semi-solid, and encased in pastry. Caotina (imported hot chocolate mix from Switzerland, bought every Christmas and rationed through the cold months. We finally found an importer in the US so now the shipping doesn't cost more than the product.). Chocolate lava cake (if you're lucky, I'll share the recipe one of these days). Williams-Sonoma chocolate croissants (also, our Christmas indulgence). And I have had the hedonistic gall to experience all three this weekend. And a bubble bath. Hold on, I think I'm about to have a reality check headache.

5. While we're talking about food, I think the food guide pyramid needs some revamping. My four basic food groups: Fruit. Bread. Cheese. Chocolate. With periodic supplements of a bacon.

6. While we're talking about bacon, I will share with you my greatest culinary discovery of 2009: bacon baked in the oven. Here's how you do it: Line a big rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper. Take care to make sure that the parchment paper goes up the sides a little bit of it's kind of pointless. Fill it with a single layer of bacon. It's okay if they overlap, because they shrink a lot when you cook 'em. Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes, or until it's as crispy as you like it. It will all be uniformly cooked, and your cooktop will not have grease splatters and, voila! It will be done at the same time as your French toast. Which is what CPod made for breakfast yesterday. On our snow day. Which brings me to . . .

7. Generally, in this neck of the woods, you can hope for one good snow of 6 or 7 inches per winter. You can hope, but you probably won't get it. Our snowfall total so far this year? Nearly 2 feet. I'm serious. And I've discovered something about myself. When I'm an old woman, I will be A. living as a recluse back in the woods with no neighbors, or B. the one with a sign in the yard that says in very large letters, "DON'T PLAY IN MY SNOW." Because I have been totally bugged by the neighbor kids ruining the snow in our yard. I don't care if my kids mess it up, but for some reason, I don't want anyone else to do it. It's strange, because I don't care if the neighbor kids play on the grass. But the snow? It's all I can do to keep myself from yelling at them off the front porch. Luckily, CPod's been around all weekend to restrain me.

(This snow was so old and crusted over that when they were sledding, I was a little worried we might have an incident out of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.)

8. More on the snow. My lovely husband bought an old Jeep Cherokee early last year. He installed a lift kit and new shocks and some other stuff that caused him to put in long hours staring at the undercarriage. He loves that thing. I mean, there are more pictures of the Jeep on his phone than any of the people in his life. (Except for Miscellany. Because he is smitten.) But this fall, he had begun to question the utility of his project, and let me tell you, he is all about "utility". He's the one who told me that quilting was a great hobby because the finished product is so "useful". Well, we've got all kinds of utility going on now because in the snow, that Jeep is UNSTOPPABLE. And the crisis of finding a new project car has been averted. What a man I've got! Photographic evidence:

My baby-holding, vacuum-running, iPod-listening better half. No, that is not a new vacuum. Instead, we had to buy a new washer & dryer.

9. My baby is beautiful. And she sleeps -- get this -- 8 hours a night! At 3 months old! (Don't hate me. I already had twins who, for a very long while, did not sleep at the same time. Ever. I EARNED THIS ONE!) Do you need proof? Here you go:


(I just realized this looks like she's about to pick her cute little turned-up nose. It was bound to happen.)

Blessing day.

She laughs! She smiles! She's a person!

That's all I've got, folks. Bedtime calls, and so does the treadmill.

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  1. She is so cute! Look at that smile!

    And pianist is definitely a tricky word.

  2. Welcome back!!!!!

    Not too picky to eat Hershey's kisses (I'll binge on most anything chocolate), but I understand your feelings and am gonna have to try out some the chocolate items you mentioned!

    I worked in a cafeteria on campus during college. We always cooked our bacon on a cookie sheet and I've done it that way ever since. Isn't it great!!!! I love bacon, but I HATE cooking it any other way.

    Love that it's important to you that it's YOUR children that mess up your snow!!! We all have quirks like that!

    Miscellany is beautiful!!! I'm sooo happy for you that she sleeps!!! That is a beautiful thing!

  3. That sleeping baby picture is a prize winner, far as I'm concerned. And you're right; three syllables on the whole piano-player thing, and no one gets hurt.

    As for the chocolate, I'm more of a Philistine than you, but I don't have much taste for kisses, either.

  4. She is adorable. And I only can hope one day all my children will sleep 8 hours on the same night.
    And I always say "piano player" instead of the other way. grosses me out.
    And I also hate kisses. nasty. (chocolate kind).
    Enjoy the snow. I try to keep my kids on our snow. It's hard sometimes.
    Welcome back.

  5. Today at church, the speaker talked about the stripper warriors, and I almost lost it, but anyone announcing 'pianist' over the pulpit really should be extra careful.

    And I've always thought Hershey's chocolate was the worst. I can't be the only one who thinks it smells disgusting, can I?

  6. Three syllables, and a "t" at the end.

  7. Bacon on a cookie sheet is the best.

    And your baby is beautiful.

    And chocolate is delicious especially when in Caotina form. I NEED some of that. HINT. HINT.

  8. Great snowstorm, wasn't it! We didn't even have church yesterday.

    And I agree with the pianist thing--after a male piano-playing friend of mine told me how much he hated the word "pianist" I switched to piano-player!

    Welcome back!

  9. Laughing at your son and the pianist. I cringe inside whenever someone says it that way.

    Trying to remember to get the Glee soundtrack.

    Your baby is the cutest thing ever. That smile is amazing.

  10. She's beautiful - and I love that picture of your hubby vacuming with the baby. Nothing better than a man who will do housework and help with the kids at the same time!

    I'm with you on the hersheys. My favorite is actually the Aldi brand chocolate. It's cheap, but real swiss chocolate. Awesome combination.

  11. My six year old is reading over my shoulder. He just said, "Hey, those look like nice guys." I assured him their mother thinks they are.

  12. I just love your style. Love love love it.

    Also, I can't stand Hershey's kisses. If I'm going to indulge, I want it to be WORTH IT.

    Cadburys. Yum.

  13. I love that smile in the last picture. I'm praying for a happy baby. I've already had two and wonder if I'm due for a cranky one.

  14. Oh, what a beautiful baby!!!

    Hey, my guy sleeps 8 hours at night too! Just, not on my schedule. But, I'm not complaining!

  15. I just LOVE oven baked bacon. Mmmm....

    And if you get yourself to the LDS Storymaker's conference sometime I will shower you in Canadian chocolate bars. Mmmm....

    Can you tell my mind is on food right now?

  16. She's stinkin' adorable! (By the time you get that many, you learn how to teach them to sleep at night quicker--it's a must.)

    I agree on all points, especially (no shocker) the chocolate one.

    Never have tried the bacon thing, though. Sounds like a perfect solution to the greasy splatter!

  17. I hate hershey's kisses, but worse is Nestle's! It's waxier and more fake tasting.

    More importantly, your little baby is precious! She was just born and she is already grinning ear to ear? Where does the time go? sleeping 8 hrs? My girl did that also. She was a great baby and is now a great toddler. Girls rule, what can we say...

  18. Sometimes I resist the urge to read new blogs. I have a list a mile long that I follow. Luckily, I've learned how to use Google Reader.

    Anyhow, occasionally I deviate from the plan of not adding to my list. Today it was you, and your sister. And oh. my. goodness. I am so glad I found you two. I love your writing! I especially love your thoughts on commenting on your sidebar. Amen to that! I, too, love to look back at old posts and reminisce. I love to say, What was I doing one year ago today? and go read what I was doing and thinking approximately one year ago. I love to compare what the youngest is doing compared to what the second youngest was doing at that age-- just to see if it's similar. Anyhow, I've certainly rambled on for someone I just met. Glad I found you!

  19. Wow, I'm behind. I'm in love with the Glee soundtrack also. And I'm just waiting for my girls to start singing "And I don't even know his last name. . ."

    That should be a good day.

  20. That child of your is darling.

    Piano player. Accompanist. I can think of a lot of other better options.

    And your baby's smile is just making me smile today!

  21. Oh my goodness. Perfection. Say, did you ever receive the giveaway prizes I sent you?

  22. p.s. Glee rocks my socks! I got both cd's for Christmas and my kids got me the Entire Season One dvd collection too!!

  23. Awwm! Beautiful baby!

    We make bacon lentil soup a lot. It is nummy.

  24. Instead of 350 degrees - cook it for 3+ hours at 200 degrees (set your oven to start up at 6 am and it will be ready by 9 am!

    This makes the bacon caramelize and is incredibly delicious!

  25. Always love your posts! And your baby girl is completely adorable!


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