Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Why don't you just TELL me . . ."

We spent last weekend in Atlanta, where CPod attended a conference and I wrangled kids in the ice and snow. A good time was had by all, even though I never again want to spend more time than is absolutely necessary confined to a 600 square foot hotel room with three little boys and a baby. Really.

We attended church with CPod's sister, where her new baby was blessed, surrounded by family. After church, I was talking with my sister-in-law. We were discussing all of the many women we know who have delivered babies early in the past few months. Of course, I told her of my good friend who nearly delivered her fourth boy at 32 weeks, but, thankfully, the crisis was averted and now she's confined to a space significantly smaller than my aforementioned hotel room: her bed.

Here's the thing: I've never met this friend. I only know her through her blog. But. I know her. I prayed for her. I wonder how she's doing every day. She is my friend, and if one day, we should have the opportunity to meet in person, I think it will feel more like a reunion.

It would seem lately, to the casual observer, that I have a cadre of very accomplished and interesting imaginary friends: I speak freely of my friend the opera singer; I quote one friend who said, regarding a gathering of boys, "as bodies multiply, brains divide"; I talk about Canadian friends who have ungodly amounts of snow; I pass on book, music and movie recommendations from blog friends as though we attend book club together on a regular basis; I reference my friend the social worker who has such a great perspective on teaching kids about sex; I speak proudly of my friend who has done such amazing work to protect her (and our) children from smut in the media; I read books you've written and love to be able to say I know the author when I pass it on to another friend. I tout your accomplishments as though they were my own and find new reasons to seek out your association every time I read. You, my friends, are incredibly awesome! Collectively, we span a vast spectrum of qualities and perspectives and I am continually enriched by your shared experiences. Through this unique medium, I feel understood.

So. In the interest of friendship, I'm going to have a selfish moment here -- as if my blog posts don't spew forth enough too-personal information to satisfy your insatiable appetites. I know tons about you all. And I'm assuming you would LOVE to know tons more about me. (Sarcasm drips here, no?) So, since every one else seems to be doing it (even telepathically), I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I'm last, probably. Which means maybe I will be answering questions a la DeNae. But still. In the inimitable words of Kramer doing MoviePhone, "Why don't you just TELL me the name of the movie you have selected?" I'm all ears -- and I promise to answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION.

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  1. Remind me to tell you later what a kid told my coworker about sex, yesterday. It would blow your mind how ignorant these kids are.

    What did you want to be when you grew up?

  2. Am I really first? I feel so special!

    Okay, first of all, love the reference. I saw your title in my reader and I could hear Kramer in my head.

    And second, I totally do that to. Although, with my husband, who disregards blog friendships as real friendships, I have to clarify. BUT, with everyone else, I have the most amazing friends around!

    And that it why I am so excited for CBC. I agree. It will be more like a reunion!

  3. Darn it Kristina! you ruined my moment! ;)

  4. I don't *know* you that well... but I agree about the bloggy friends. I think I'm way closer with a lot of my blog friends than with my real-life friends, though I have met many of them in real-life too... and it is an awesome reunion!

    So, hypothetically speaking... how would you handle living in a 600 square foot space full time?

    -Emily, who is currently living in a 700 sq ft basement with 3 toddlers & infant twins. Thankfully spring is almost here... so we may all live to see another year, and hopefully another home.

  5. I've had several opportunities to meet online friends in person and every time it is a sweet, sweet reunion. No awkward small talk - straight to the juicy stuff. And the laughing...oh the laughing! There are few things more joyful than spending time with kindred spirits.

    You're a fabulous writer, so I guess what I want to know is if you have any writing projects on the go apart from what you share with us here.

  6. Was I the one who said the thing about multiplying bodies and dividing brains? Cuz I totally believe that. And yes, I agree: Even your commenters here are people I know and love, even though I've only met ONE of them in person - and she left that nasty Snuggie at home, thankyouverymuch.

    You're brave, asking for real questions. I've found these posts go a lot smoother when you just make up the questions yourself.

    So, here's my question: If you weren't a violist, what would you do with all the anchovies? Please answer in complete sentences, and include at least one reference to "Hairspray".

  7. 1-Have you ever had an online friend that turned out to be "not so cool" when you met in person? As in "no friend chemistry" like the whitty-ness was ruined, type thing? I've had that happen with clients so just wondering!!2-what is your favorite meal that you make?

  8. I want to know where to find the info from your "friend the social worker who has such a great perspective on teaching kids about sex", and the book recommendations from your author friends.

    And here's some more questions for you that I'd ask if I ever met you in person:
    Are you still doing your cleaning schedule that you posted long ago (I loved it and use it)?
    Do you have any "free" time, and what do you do with it?
    What do you do with photos? (scrapbook/ albums etc).
    What was your favorite place to vacation?
    What age can you start learning a musical instrument? (piano/ violin)
    And is it too late for me to learn the violin?
    What's a date recommendation?
    The end. for now.

  9. oops. sorry. one more.
    What's your favorite easy dinner recipe?

  10. I have to correct you on one point. You are not the last person to do this because, well, I haven't and probably won't do it until it goes out of style. Sigh. That's how I am with all stylish things. (Seriously, don't look in my closet.)

    In regard to your recent comment on my blog (which was awesome!), was your 4th planned or unplanned? : )

  11. As one fellow Southernor to another, I'm wondering . . . why do you think the church grows so slowly in the South? I think I know why, so let me ask a follow up (and really, how are you going to stop me?), what do you think it would take to change that?

  12. I loved this post. I so relate. I often don't really know how to refer to my online friends, but they are still my friends. And so that's what I call them. And I have a lot of VERY cool friends, let me tell you.

    Questions for you:

    Why did you choose the viola?

    What is your most embarrassing moment? I like to ask that question because, well, it helps me realize that we all have embarrassing moments. :)

  13. Wow. The questions are awesome. I can't wait to read the answers.

    What was your favorite thing about optometry school?
    Where is the most exotic place you've ever lived?

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