Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lucky Day

Because I found 13 four-leaf clovers today. And a few with five leaves. In about 3 minutes. It's a gift.

I haven't written much lately, because I've had so much to write about. I've said that before. Someone else has said that recently, but I can't remember who. So I'm cleaning out my (figurative) closet RIGHT NOW and I'm just going to write one big, huge, messy, disconnected post of Blog Nothing. And then I will feel better and I'll be able to get on with my life. Here we go!

1. I also cleaned out my literal closet. My husband hates it when I do this. He says it creates a vacuum of space that needs to be filled. He's right. I'm going shopping on Friday. My sister loves it when I do this because she gets all of my cast-offs, if she wants them. And she does. Everybody wins. Except my cash stash.

2. Did you hear? I'm going shopping on Friday. With my sister. And my mom. And our beautiful babies. And then we (including sisters-in-law and Lucy) are going to play cards and drink Mexican Co'Cola until the cows come home. (When, exactly, is that? Does anyone know? Annette?) And all of the men in our family are camping. And we are all, every one of us, campers and shoppers alike, Very Much looking forward to this weekend. I have a vacuum to fill, after all.

3. I asked my sister the other day how she would describe me to a stranger who had to find me based on her description. I know, it's a weird question. She said, "I would tell them to look for the beautiful (she has to say that because people sometimes think we're twins) short girl in a red coat with a mass of curly dark hair." And I said, how can you leave out the boobs? She said, No one notices your boobs. I said, Are you on drugs? Because, well. They're ginormous. And now that I've had my last baby, I am going to give my back a blessed break and surgically alter my figure. I have looked forward to this since before I had children, and now that it's 6 months or so away from actually happening, I'm worried that my buxom-ness is an actual part of my identity. I know. Every day, the (Not) in "I'm (Not) Crazy Mommy" fades a little.

4. I just read this post by Heather of the EO. But before I read it, I listened to/watched her Thank You video here. And I was so happy to hear her voice. When I read blogs, I narrate them in my head. But if I have really heard your voice, I hear your voice . . . in your voice, instead of mine. And I loved it. I will forever read her blog with a Minnahsohtah voiceover. This is one of the many reasons I'm excited to go to the CBC in just THREE WEEKS. Finally, my little dramatic interpretations of what you've written will have an all new cast of voiceover actors.

5. Speaking of the CBC, I'm having some anxiety about it. In case you don't know, I'm speaking on a panel with my sister (MommyJ of Mommy Snark, in case you just thought I was her stalker -- although she's very stalk worthy. But don't. Please.), Kristina Pulsipher of Pulsipher Predilections, and Jessica Bern of Bern This. These girls are FUNNY. Me? Not so much. And so while I am a complete and total attention hog when it comes to things that, oh, I don't know, showcase my brilliance and help me feel super-smart, I do not shine in the comedy department. Unless you count unintentional physical comedy. I'm totally good at slipping on an invisible banana peel, or magically dropping something that I wasn't even holding. Anyway, our topic is Finding Your Voice. I'm still looking for mine, I think, but if you can think of anything you think would be interesting for us to cover, glance furtively the other way to make sure MotherBoard and MomBabe aren't looking and e-mail me some suggestions!

6. Speaking of sisters, I love mine. I decided the other day that I'm glad I only have one. If I had another sister, we would have to share. And someone would always be left out. And, let's be honest here people. It would be me. Critical? Check. Overbearing? Check. Controlling? Oh, yes. Know-it-all? I invented the term. Willing to change? Absolutely not. In other words, MommyJ is stuck with me by default. Yay for me!

7. I can't decide if my hair makes me look more like this guy (note the fine halo of snowboarder extraordinaire Shaun White's out-of-control frizzies that WILL NOT be controlled by any amount of leave-in conditioners, smoothing balms, control creams, or shaping waxes -- trust me, I know):

Or this guy (note the heavy, hanging-to-the-jowls, face-elongating, horse-ifying qualities of Maestro Bach's 17th century wig):

Although I'm not sure either one is really worthy of my hair worship.

Later, my friends. I will blog again before . . . Sunday, midnight, EST. Promise!

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  1. Good luck at CBC! I haven't decided if I will actually make it or not, but it will be a great occasion!

    And surgery, huh? i am kinda jealous...

  2. YOu will be fine! I am still reallly disappointed in the CBC "No Nudity" clause. :(

  3. You make me laugh. I hope your surgery in 6 months is everything you want it to be. Or not to be. And having more than one sister is cool, because then if you can't get one on the phone, chances are you can get another! Unless two of the others are already talking to each other, and then you have to figure out who is free and can talk to you......

  4. OK, first things first: Can I be on the next table and we'll just do a transplant? I hate to see all that extra boobage go to waste.

    Second, I remember when you posted a video of your kids dancing or knocking over a liquor store or something like that, and you were talking. I watched it, like, eight times, just so I could hear your voice. I can NOT wait to bask in that Carolina lilt.

    Third, if you're asking about 'voice', my opinion is that you are at your strongest when you are reflective. You have a very poetic narrative style, and it just shines when you write about your love for music, or your kids, or your life in North Carolina. Go with that.

    Fourth, my daughters only have each other, and they love it like that. On the other hand, I have three sisters, and I can't imagine my life without any of them. Either way, we're blessed to be surrounded by wonderful women who love us despite the fact that they also understand us.

  5. Thanks for posting at all when you have so much going. Cheers. Sounds like you have a lot going on... Sounds like fun times. : j

  6. I've been seriously against plastic surgery for most of my (young) life until recently when I've discovered even among weight loss my boobs are still growing! So congrats and hopefully you can let me know what it's like afterwards to help me decided when I (might) have the same thing done! (eventually...)

  7. I'm getting stoked for CBC--and to see (and hear!) so many online friends. I, too, loved Heather's video.

    (As for the cows come home--I'm seriously going to look that up. You've piqued my interest . . .)

  8. I'm with DeNae- I wish you could share. I could use some help in that area.
    And I like your blog voice. Whatever it is- it's good. You're an awesome writer and whatever you say is awesome.
    I did find some great gel for curliness. It's the only one that made my hair non- frizzy. I can't remember the name and I need more. So when I find it, I'll let you know.
    Sure wish I was going to CBC. Guess you'll just have to come to Canada one day.

  9. That was nowhere near enough rambling. You set it up as if the post was going to go on and on but it was SHORT. I shall pout now.

    And then giggle over the boob thing, because I am SO having a reduction when I done having kids. I've literally gone up a cup size with every child. The next one is going to have me up to an F, I swear.

    Happy shopping tomorrow!

  10. Oh, I've really never had any desire to attend CBC until you mentioned the topic of your panel discussion and now I wanna go!! (can't, but wanna!)

  11. I would love to have some reconstructive surgery in that area, too.

    I think I signed up for that class at CBC, but I'll have to double check.

    Unfortunately, both your hair look-a-like options are about 500 times better than mine.

  12. I'm a lucky lady. I get to hear this voice quite often! Not as often as I'd like (I hear your lesson up here was wonderful) but enough to know that you lift those around you up more often than you know.

    The hair thing--I think it's more like the first, but your hair is a LOT cuter! And besides, your smile lights up your face and the room around you. (You must have gotten it from your Mom...)

  13. Save the TaTa's! Save the TaTa's!

  14. I love your voice. I mean, the one I read. I've never heard the real thing and, quite frankly, I'm tempted to go to CBC just so I can hear it.

    And I'm behind DeNae for your leftovers. Mine get smaller every child. It's kind-of depressing.


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