Friday, July 9, 2010

The Men in My Life

I've spent probably too much time singing the praises of my fantastic husband Craig on this blog, and while I am grateful for all that he brings to this most wonderful of unions, today, I'd like to take a moment to extol the virtues of another man I know:

My garbage man.

He loves me. I just know it.

It's Craig's job to take the trash can out to the end of our driveway each and every Tuesday morning, even the day after a holiday. Now. The man works hard. He recently took on another job so that we can pay off the loan we took out to purchase our business and while it's difficult to be without him 6 days a week not counting Sundays, the numbers don't lie and within the year, we will have enough financial freedom to shackle ourselves to some more debt when we build a new office. But I don't even make him mow the grass -- especially when the neighbor kid is willing, even happy, to tame our 3/4 acre for a mere $15 a pop.

So pretty much every Tuesday when I hear the garbage truck pull up our street, I glance out the window to make sure the trash has been taken up, and then, in a panic, race outside to do my husband's only outside job. Usually, I am tailed by a cadre of small children in various states of undress, all covered in peanut butter, or maybe poop. I lug the trash bin up the driveway and then try to manhandle my children away from the gigantic stinking monster truck that has, of course, become the ONE TRUE object of their considerable affections and, as such, the Everest to their Sir Edmund Hilary.

The garbage man, who, admittedly, has a nice smile under all the grime, grins at my boys, tells them to stay on the grass, and bids me a good day with a little tip of his hat and a wink. Which I think means he'll see me the same time next week.

This week, after our day at the lake on Monday, I really just forgot it was Tuesday. But last night, Craig took the trash out to the bin and came back inside scratching his head. "I forgot to take the trash up to the curb, but the can is still empty."

I just smiled to myself. Now, that, my friends, is service!

PS The use of his real name is intentional. I've decided it's time for our family to become Real People with Real Names. Introductions to come.

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  1. I like real names! :)

    My trash man is my husband who takes it to the dumpster at my in-laws house, right down the hill! hehehe

    How's Miscellany???

  2. What an awesome garbage man!

    And yay for real names (I confuse easily so I luuurve real names).

  3. That is awesome service. You must have made quite the impression ;)

    I love real names :)

  4. Wanna hear the best garbage man story ever?

    One day, my sister Jill answered the door. Standing on her porch was her garbage man, who was holding her 20-month old son in his arms. Evidently, Jordan, like all little boys was thrilled when heard the truck pull up outside his window.

    He stood up in the bed where he was supposed to be asleep, climbed up onto the dresser, and leaned onto the window to watch the garbageman do his thing.

    Unfortunately, the window was open, and Jordan instead leaned onto the screen, which fell out into the shrubs outside the house.

    The garbage man saw the little guy fall into the bushes, picked him up, and brought him to his very surprised mother!

  5. I am totally impressed! I think it might have something to do with your cuteness!

  6. Wow. That really is great service. It is always nice to see someone who really puts effort into doing their job well. My husband has this same job that gets done by me every week.

  7. I don't think you can extol the virtues of your spouse too often! Keep it up. It's very inspiring. And it's nice to meet Craig and I'll be excited to learn your real names!

    WV: devight: sinful, devilish delights (dr. pepper, for example)

  8. I was wondering who Craig was for a minute...a little confused as to whether he was the garbage man or your husband. Or somebody else entirely! :)

    This story made me smile. You do indeed have an amazing garbage man. Mine never did that, despite my running out there every week in my pajamas...sometimes even having to drag it across the street to the neighbor's curb.

  9. I remember your husband and his brother in Church...always in white shirts, always serving.
    Sounds like the boy I knew grew up into a really great man.

  10. That? Is an awesome garbage man!

    (And having recently been through the 6 days a week thing, I understand the not making him do much. I wish you luck through this!)

  11. Real people?
    Real names?

    This sounds like it's going to get exciting!

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  14. 1. I opened an acct on blogspot.for my kid. So from now on PHoebes pretty pictures will mean that it is who is leaving a comment. Blogspot won't let me leave a comment under my own name. Don't even get me started.

    2. reading a story like this reminds me that yes, there are good ppl in the world and with so much crap going on these days, I really need to hear about them.

  15. Our old garbage man loved us but I think it's because my dad frequently bribed him into picking up extra stuff after yard work days with Kool-Aid and donuts.

  16. Hi Emily! I found your blog on Cjane's "We're On Our Way Over" post and I'm so glad I did.

    Garbage Day is special to me. I'm not sure what to say more than that without sounding sappy. I love that I can put my junk into a can and someone will take it away for me. It feels good.

    Thank you for sharing your writings...I've got you bookmarked!


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