Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Help Me, Karma

I went for a run on Monday morning at the park. I just discovered we have a greenway, and while I appreciate the blessing of having both a treadmill and a place to put it, I am SOOOO much happier running on the ground, counting species as I go.

So I was running along, minding my own business, plugged into Muse and Chris Isaac, thanking God for the miracle that is my husband (who used his unexpectedly long lunch break to mind our kids at the playground while I ran) when suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge hornet attached itself to my right index finger. Apparently, I distracted him from something extremely important because he stung with one end and bit with the other until I flicked him off, and then ended his short life with my brand new running shoes. It hurt. I cried out. But I kept going, because, you know, I was running! I was high on life! And I was way far away from the van, and Mason had to be picked up from preschool in a half hour!

To add insult to injury, as I danced a tarantella (hornetella?) down the trail, trying, I suppose, to shake the venom out of my finger, I realized that if I didn't find a way to empty my bladder pronto, I'd be jogging back to civilization in need of a diaper change. (Curse you, stress incontinence -- you are my least favorite side effect of childbirth ever.) So I waited until there were no other people in sight on the trail, and ducked into the cornfield where I actually considered peeing on my throbbing finger, a method that according to both Survivor and Friends (my favorite sources for first aid advice) works on a jellyfish sting. I put myself back together and finished my run, and by the time I met my family at the playground, my finger was really beginning to swell.

By the next day, I looked like I had hijacked the entire right arm of a much larger woman -- one with sausage fingers and a killer case of pitting edema. I couldn't hold a pen. I couldn't open a bottle. I couldn't take Benadryl because, well, I have four children and must remain awake and standing for most of the activities required by their care. It took a solid week for the itching and swelling to subside.

Lately, it seems like every time I make an effort towards better physical fitness, something goes wrong: iPod battery dead as a doornail. Baby nap over before I can even get through the first mile on the treadmill. Rain when I plan to run out doors, kids too sick for the gym when I'm ready for a class. I just can't seem to get into the groove. I'm trying, but I think the groove hates me.

I'm ready for some karma. I need a tailwind the next time I hit the trail for a race -- Saturday, maybe? How about an unexpectedly warm 8AM temperature so my fingers aren't frostbitten at the finish line? A little bit of instant gratification would go a long way towards motivating more hard work: a faster time, a pound or two lost, a second wind, an improvement . . . help me, karma.

Unless, of course, it involves hornets.

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  1. Keep on Keepin' on, Sistah.
    Don't give up on your Self needs! It's a mild 21o here this morning, and I'm about to bundle up and walk the dog in a minute. And look, I'm an OLD woman--lol!
    There are no hornets around, but we do have bears.

  2. Eeek.That's one thing that never happened to me on my daily walks at the park but these days I stick with a treadmill. I read while I walk so it's a way to kill two birds with one stone. Still, I once knew a woman who told me a friend of hers died walking at home on her treadmill. She didn't have the safety key on and she slipped and hit her head.

  3. Ouch! I had no idea hornets could do so much damage, you poor thing!

    Karma's got to be in your favor the next time....don't give up!

  4. Oh no! You should have peed on the name of scientific research, you know!

  5. I'm not kidding: I was thinking of starting a random blog post with "If InkMom doesn't blog soon, I'm catching the first bus to NC and kicking her kiester clean up around her ears." So, hornets notwithstanding, you got lucky this week.

    I'm with you on the whole 'groove' thing, and it's not just exercise. I've been trying to get a collection of C intrument arrangements written for six months now, and I no sooner hit my stride than something huge comes up. I realize that life is unpredictable, but this has seemed a bit...excessive.

  6. OUCH!!!!!

    Today is a gorgeous day although it's freezing!!!!

    Keep trying, you will succeed - from someone who doesn't like exercising at all but hey I can encourage you to do it, right?

    May be just stick to the sugar free white chocolate latte from Atlanta Bread - just had one it is DELICIOUS! :)

  7. Lately, it's colds. Every time I hit a groove, I get a stupid cold. I'm trying to force myself to walk even when my head hurts too much to run, but I have to quit eating so much, too. Why do my colds destroy my energy but not my appetite? Why?

    Sorry about your stupid hornet. Durn it.

  8. Oh. My. Land. You peed on your finger?? I am cracking up. You and my mother would go hand in hand I tell you. Ha-ha

    MUD. Your suppose to put MUD on a sting.

    I’m proud of you for continuing on your run though. I would have sat down and cried until someone found me.


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