Sunday, November 16, 2008

Three little pigs . . . or at least hams

My twins are becoming veritable stand-up comedians. Of course, they don't realize this. They just say what they're thinking, and usually, it's funny. Take last Sunday.

As CPod walked them down the hall after nursery last week, they spied the display of pass along cards in the foyer, and asked for "a picture of Jesus." He let them each choose one card, then ushered them along to the car.

I taught in Relief Society, so it took me a little longer to make it outside. By the time I got to the van, everyone was strapped in. I buckled my seat belt and made all the necessary adjustments, and then I noticed ConMan brandishing the pass along card from the back seat. "Look, Mommy! We're invited to Jesus!"

Cut to this week. In our nursery, they keep the top half of the dutch door open. As my dad walked past the door, he stuck his head in to check on the boys and say hello. G-Dog caught sight of him and said, "Hey, PopPop! We're getting ready to have snack time!" And then, with a conspiratorial, I-can-totally-hook-you-up grin, "Come back in a few minutes and I'll give you a pretzel!"

Oh, yes. Because nursery contraband is, I'm sure, on the top of PopPop's list of favorite snacks.

And we can't forget Lil' Maa-Maa, who has recently discovered the knock-knock joke. His repertoire consists of exactly one:

Lil'Maa-Maa: Not-Not

Mommy: Who's there? (Sometimes, Maa says this part himself: Hoo dere?)

Lil'Maa-Maa: JOOOOOKE!

I rest my case.


  1. oh that's funny. I love the invited to jesus.

    And I want Mason to tell me his joke. Maybe I call him today.

  2. cute.
    I loved being in nursery. Those snacks are great.

  3. finding you fun. i love that you delight it your cute kids sayings. more moms should. they make me smile.

  4. Your kids sound so fun! I wish we lived closer so our boys could play together. It was so fun last Friday...hope you didn't fall asleep in the session on Saturday.
    I think I already told you, but my husband's band is playing on Saturday night at Stella Blue in downtown. We'd love to see you there! Email me if you want more details.

  5. So fun, I love reading about your boys and checking in on what happening. by the way I love the new background for the blog!


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