Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lemme 'splain . . .

Okay, so my last post implied a great deal of vomitous occasions in my house lately. The truth is, I am wishing for more. What? Yeah, you heard me. Please, God, let me throw up already!

Because I am pregnant. What? Yeah, you heard me. Turns out, that thing you do that sometimes results in pregnancy? It actually, occasionally, works. In our case, it's nothing short of a miracle, considering the extraordinary measures we took to conceive the twins. Adding a fourth child to our family without the use of cutting edge technology and the expense to match will bring down the average cost-per-child to a number that I can almost say without hyperventilating.

I am due early in November -- yes, I'm just getting started here. I should probably keep it quiet a little longer, but I'm not good at keeping things quiet. At least, not things about myself. I'm happy to keep someone else's secrets.

That means I have . . . at least another 6 weeks of wanting to sleep 18 hours a day and always feeling like I'm trying to keep the cap on a fire hydrant. My poor children. They have resorted to performing magic tricks like "disappearing" (yes, that is a verb) Mommy by covering up the sleeping lump on the couch with a blanket. Yesterday, I stayed in bed so long after CPod went to work that the kids brought toys to me and we built legos while we lounged, propped up on pillows.

Also, I am so not running a race on April 11. I promise to put the sidebar back up eventually . . . but for now, I just can't do it.

And . . . I hate complainers. So I won't be one. I am thrilled to be pregnant. (Yes, MommyJ, it's true. I'm not lying.) I am really thrilled to think about being finished after this one . . . and to reclaim my body by having some very necessary surgery to repair some things that have been seriously messed up by childbearing, and to reduce my bustline to something that can no longer be described as titanic. Yes, I feel like a much paler shade of myself right now, but I also know from experience that it's temporary. So no more complaining. But I thought you at least deserved an explanation for my lack of presence here in the blogosphere as of late.

That's all for now. I do have other things to post about, but the urge to dry heave is overcoming me . . . must sleep, too.


  1. Holy cow! Congrats!

    In fact, I was just thinking about you today, and how you hadn't posted in a while, and now this! Yay!

  2. That is so wonderful! I'm so happy and excited for you. (maybe you'll get a girl?!)


    Hope the sickness goes away soon. :)

    Can't wait to hear the stories from these boys when they start to understand what's happening to mommy.

  4. Zipidooda Day!!!!

    I already knew. But I'm glad you've told everyone here. :)

  5. WHOOO HOOO! I just shouted that out loud at the top of my voice and all the kids came running to see what was up! I am soooo excited for you. Well, once the icky blicky stuff passes.
    How incredible!!

  6. A big fat CONGRATULATIONS to you!!!!

    And lots of exclamation points, apparently.

  7. Well, ok, I won't send a search team out looking for you then! How very cool for you and your family! Do NOT for one second feel any guilt or variations on a theme thereof for lounging around for the next few weeks. Heaven knows THAT'S a temporary luxury! And it's not like your kids are out knocking over liquor stores while you sleep. They're disappearing you. That's kinda in the category of miraculous. So they are perpetrating acts of faith promoting righteousness, all while you nap on the couch! YES!!

  8. Oh, Congratulations!! That's wonderful news, especially after all that you guys went through (like I even know the half of it) to have the first two. I hope it's a girl (unless, of course, you want to remain the only queen in the home). I hope you feel well enough soon.
    Love to you and yours!

  9. Congratulations, virtual friend type lady! This makes me happy, because this means more awesome blog posts to read - yay! And more babies for good mommies makes the world a better place.

  10. I am so very happy I stopped in here today.. I so needed some really great news...

    I am so very very happy for you...take care of yourself..

    You just made a very tired, very stressed Queen,,smile from ear to ear..

    hence.. I dub this child..
    Prince or Princess LifeJoy..

    This child shall forever be referred to on my blog as

    Prince or Princess LifeJoy..

    Again.. very happy for you..


  11. NO WAY! Nice work, folks. Congratulations!

  12. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am SO happy for you!! I hope the sickness passes soon. What a miracle!! Congratulations to you guys!

  13. Hooray! Good for you, for continuing to do that thing, even when the results were iffy! ;)

  14. Well I guess getting pregnant is no longer a problem. I am happy for you and maybe we can go in on the surgery and get a package deal. There are things that just don't want to go back, I don't understand why I can't be one of those women that look sexy as they leave the hospital. Oh well these beautiful kids are sooo worth it, right?!
    I love you and hope it is a girl.

  15. That is such awesome news! I bet you're still in blissful shock! Hoping it's a princess on the way, but you'll take another adorable prince, right? Praying for a great, easy pregnancy for you!

  16. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is so awesome! I am so excited for you!

  17. Yea! That's so very exciting.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    And congrats on getting your moneys worth. Good budget plan you have going.
    Take care!

  18. EMILY!!!!! MommyJ just told me that you were actually pregnant at our GNO but didn't know it yet. That is too funny!!! CONGRATS!!!!! I'm so happy for you. What a miracle and blessing!! I hope the sickness doesn't last too long.

  19. Congratulations again! It was great to see you last night. It's such a small town that we live in, so it's crazy that we don't run into each other more often. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  20. Congratulations!! I'm so delighted for you, although very, very sorry for the sickies. UGH. (I was doing that at this time last year. UGH.)

  21. YAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! (for you)
    (your)Pregnancy makes me happy!!!
    I really should read your blog more often!
    I'm sooooo sad I moved away from you! (and I'm soo glad it's you and not me)
    I guess this means you're not coming to visit soon. (you could come lounge on my sofa, puke in my toilet and let the wolfpack run around the farm you know)
    I miss you.
    I will call you--just as soon as I locate your phone number (which box was that in?)

  22. CONGRATULATIONS! That is so exciting! I mean, I can't imagine being pregnant-sick and having three little boys at home, but seriously SO EXCITING.

    Sorry you're sick though.

    And please don't hate complainers. I am a BIG complainer, and you'd probably really like me.

  23. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be more thrilled for your entire crew ;) You better tell me if you need any of these girl clothes - I'm about to chuck all of them!


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