Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Report

Well. I'm a little late posting, since I told you I'd be back Sunday night, but these pictures are worth waiting for, I promise.

We had a fabulous weekend of shopping and laughing and talking and eating. Gramma bought cute matching dresses for all of her granddaughters, so, of course, we had to take pictures. We like to call them The Blonde, The Brunette, and The Redhead:

Those are MommyJ's daughters Lucy and baby Ivy with a side of grinning Miscellany, my little gem. Aren't they cute?

CPod got Miscellany dressed for church. When we arrived (early, for once), I went to nurse her before the meeting started. I noticed she didn't have any little bloomers covering her bum. CPod claimed there were none with the dress. I knew this wasn't right, but just figured they got lost somewhere between the closet and the baby and I'd find them when we got home. And then I looked under the back of her dress. Which is exactly where I found the bloomers, still attached by little white plastic tags to the inside of her dress. CPod just looked at me. "I don't know how that stuff works!" he said. Which is exactly what I say to him when I remind him that our boys need some further aiming remediation when it comes to peeing in the toilet.

Here are all the women alive with whom I share a great deal of my genes -- Mom, daughters, granddaughters:

We had a little moment in the dressing room at one of the stores we visited on Friday -- we were all there, and I'm pretty certain my grandmother popped in for a minute or so, too. When I was growing up, I had no concept of the closeness and satisfaction possible in sister-and-mother relationships. If I'd known then how great it could be, I would have tried a lot harder to be likable!

I found THE jeans that were made for my posterior. As in, Calvin Klein snuck into my room in the middle of the night and measured my butt, then made me some jeans. They're fantastic. And they cost half as much as the jeans that do great things for MommyJ's bottom end. Neener, neener.

Some evidence that I'm Miscellany's mother (get a load of her legs -- the rolls abound):

All these pictures were taken in my house -- and that awful mess of stuff in the background? That is our Gallery Wall. My kids use the French doors off the dining room to display any and all art projects for posterity, and while it's not exactly going to sell my house to the first buyer who sees it (not that we're selling), they are so proud of the things they put up there that I'm not about to mess with it. Also, the chair I'm sitting in has started to remind me of a Vegas casino carpet.

And the dress:

And because you are a captive audience, and she is irresistible:

And because Little Miss Personality stole the show (and also has enormous feet!):

I am so getting my haircut on Thursday. Usually, I love my curly hair, but sometimes . . . sometimes, it's just a big unruly mess and I feel the need to tame it. And tame it I shall. Perhaps while I'm at it I should figure out how to de-shine my face. So, hair? Meh. Skin? Needs some work. Eyebrows? Definitely in need of some grooming. But that jacket? Love it. You should see the back.

That's all for now, dear readers. This is the closest thing to a scrapbook I will EVER have and sometimes it needs to have pictures -- so thanks for indulging me. I promise, no more baby pictures for at least two posts!

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  1. You guys are all beautiful! The bloomer story is so typical! Men!

  2. I found it refreshing to see you! Oh and your little girl, adorable. I mean who couldn't love a redhead right? Especially one that cute.

  3. You can have baby pictures all you want...she's so adorable--her smile is just the cutest thing ever! And MommyJ's baby is adorable, too.

    Husbands dressing baby girls are always times for some comedy, I've learned. Things on backwards, pants with shirts that were never meant to go together, and the like. :) The bloomers story is hilarious! At least you didn't have to go back home for them.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. All right. I need to know exactly what kind of jeans you found that are so perfect. I can't find anything that fits me well, and since you had a baby and my body still resembles that of post-prego (hate it) I'm looking for anything that helps.
    Oh, and that little girl of yours is ADORABLE!! Thanks for the pics.
    Love you, girl.

  5. I think my original comment got lost, which is a shame because it had important info.
    So, I'll post again. Feel free to delete if I just missed it.

    Your husbands are just trying to help your daughters learn to dress indivdually and not be slaves to social mores of fashion. It's quite a gift, when you think about it.

    Important: Remediation with the little boys and the bathroom: Have you tried cheerios in the toilet bowl? The objective is to sink them. Failing that, I keep a spray bottle in our cabinet in the kids' bathroom. It's full of a solution roughly 2/3 bleach and 1/3 water. Every so often, I spray the toilet and it's surrounding area with a large quantity of this solution. Then I turn the fan on and run like crazy before the fumes kill me. A few hours later, I go in and use toilet paper to wipe it all off. Then I flush the toilet paper. Works like a charm. Every time.

  6. I feel like saying "ditto" but: SO cute!

  7. I'm glad you had a great time, I love the baby pics, and I can't believe how good mommyJ looks. I mean--she *just* had that baby!

  8. Great to see the photos of your family. Your daughter and your sister's daughters are lovely. And if you do figure out how to de-shine your face (not that it really looks to me like you need it) please let me know! :)

  9. Oh I could enjoy baby pictures everyday so no need to apologize ... we want more baby pictures!!

    That weekend shopping sounds like so much fun, makes me want to have the girls of my family right here - wait!! my mom is coming, too bad I don't enjoy shopping that much - hahaha.

    All the girls are so cute!

  10. I would only mind the baby pictures if you had an ugly, boring baby, but you so clearly don't, so no apologies necessary. You ALL look beautiful.

  11. Keep sharing pictures. Your baby is adorable and growing so fast! And the rest of you look awesome.
    What a great group of women in your life.
    And I need some great jeans. How do you find them??

  12. Your baby is a doll. I wish I could find jeans like that for me. I would pay the double price for them, too. And I'm getting my hair done (hopefully) on Thursday, too, so I can be used to it before CBC, but not have it too grown out, either.

  13. I suddenly am longing for a redheaded baby girl with a smile so big and cute it should be illegal! All of you look amazing...beautiful inside and out. The dresses are adorable, may I ask where your Mom got them? I am a sucker for cute dresses and bows/headbands to match! My girlie is almost 3 and it never gets old shopping for them!

  14. Beautiful pictures, and your hair is so wonderful!

  15. That last picture of your baby grinning had me grinning too. Contagious!

    I decided I really need to be related to your family. If nothing but to get some cute jeans.

  16. Honestly, you have every right to post pictures whenever you want. Especially if they are pictures of that adorable little girl. And I love the one with all the generations. I love pictures like that.

  17. I love that little dress from the last comment. Did you make it? Keep those pictures coming - your family is adorable! :)

  18. What beautiful pictures! I feel just the same about mother/sister relationships. You wouldn't know now that my sisters and I were sometimes downright mean to each other growing up!

    My husband is so clueless about dressing babies that he's developed a complex about it! He ALWAYS puts them on backwards! It's hilarious! Your story made me smile.

  19. First, where was Braden when I was having that problem with my FOURTEEN YEAR OLD?? Cheerios. Genius.

    And I love that curly hair. I was just threatening to perm mine, although my Facebook survey nixed the idea by a narrow margin.

    The pix are beautiful; did Miscellany suddenly look like a toddler when little Ivy arrived on the scene? Nothing like a newborn to make your still-pretty-new baby look grown up!

  20. Very, Very cute! I could look at those pictures all day!

  21. Oh, my gosh, she is CUTE! You can tell she's the kind of girl everyone is going to want to hang out with when she's a bit older. Now it's not so much about the hanging out as it is the cuddling.

  22. Oh my heck, you're all so cute! I love those dresses!

    And please post more pictures :)


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